Israeli Cyber Security Trade Mission

Pervade Software were one of 10 leading UK cyber security companies chosen to welcome an Israeli trade delegation visiting London for a programme of business meetings and high-level introductions.

This delegation visit to London - the first of its kind in Europe - is already proving to be one of the most successful programmes to date for the Economic and Trade Mission at the Embassy of Israel in London.

Israeli ingenuity in cyber security truly stands out as being one of the most exciting areas of development, both in the Israeli tech scene and also in the global cyber arena? said Idan Ben Yaacov, the Delegation Lead from the Israel Trade & Economic Office. "This bilateral cyber industry engagement session, organised with help from the UK Government, has brought our delegates together with ten UK cyber security companies to explore possible avenues for joint projects, where the fruits of such endeavours can be jointly exported to markets around the world".

As one of the cyber security companies selected for this engagement session, Pervade Software were able to showcase the breakthrough technology that underpins Pervade's truly unique Security Monitoring, Reporting & Compliance Tracking solution and John Davies told the delegation "jumping ahead of all other monitoring technologies by leveraging an innovative new architecture has resulted in the world's first combined SIEM and GRC solution".

John closed his presentation to the delegation by saying "Any organisation looking to bolster their armoury in the cyber security battle and at the same time leverage the best practice and recognition that comes from pursuing compliance, can make huge gains by deploying Pervade Software" and offering to "lift the bonnet" and share components of the Pervade solution, for OEM or technology partnerships, prompted a lot of interest from the Israeli technologists and follow-up meetings have already been scheduled.