Pervade quoted in The Epoch Times

Following the ISIS attacks in Paris and California, several groups within the hacker collective Anonymous declared war on the architects of the ISIS online presence who call themselves Cyber Caliphate. This month, the "independent voice" newspaper Epoch Times, ran a feature article on the efforts of GhostSec, the anti-terrorist hacker group.

The terrorist organization ISIS established its first official website on the Darknet in mid-November, and by hosting the site on the Darknet, the ISIS users would be more difficult to track, and it would give them an online base that should have been virtually immune to cyberattacks.

However, just a week after the bulletin board website was launched, GhostSec took it offline using an incredibly powerful new attack. There are only two known hackers capable of carrying out such attacks on Darknet websites. One goes by the name “TorReaper” The other calls himself “Commander Xavior” says The Epoch Times article.

In March this year, Pervade Software's unique new OpView™ solution was the first protective monitoring system in the world to identify this new generation of DoS attacks which have proved to be completely invisible to SIEM or Log monitoring products.

Jonathan Davies, Director of Engineering at Pervade Software exposed the new attack at the UK Home Office Security & Policing Expo in March and having reverse engineered its source code in the Pervade labs, provided updates on-stage at InfoSecurity Europe in June. The cyberattack method developed by TorReaper has many cybersecurity experts interested.

In the article, Jonathan connects the dots between the invisible attacks and the current GhostSec successes, “TorReaper is able to take down Tor sites. This is a very, very new phenomena. Thankfully TorReaper is a right-wing hacker, which means you don’t need to worry about him taking down your corporate or government networks." He added, however "if the attack method fell into the wrong hands, it could cause trouble.".