Pervade Software in Secure Computing Magazine

Hackers route via Tor for stealthy 'slow-death' DoS attacks an article by Doug Drinkwater

"Vigilante hactivists have been taking down pornography, Jihadi and other websites by using a new type of "slow-death" Denial-of-Service (DoS) attack that is virtually undetectable, bypassing some leading security solutions. Jonathan Davies, director of engineering at Pervade Software, revealed to how his company had been testing layer 7 DoS techniques in a lab environment prior to noting that hackers named ‘Tor Reaper' and ‘Bitcoin Baron' were using a similar method to hit numerous sites, including child and animal pornography sites, one of which had a membership of more than 39,000 users".

This is the opening paragraph of a feature article in this month's Secure Computing Magazine.

Industry specialist feature writer Doug Drinkwater, broke this story within days of the new attack vector being identified and spoke with Pervade Software just as the analysts in the Pervade Lab had replicated the attack.

Although these new attacks are completely invisible to SIEM & Log security monitoring systems, the unique architecture of the OpView system means it can identify these attacks and mitigate them automatically.

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