Pervade Software in the Guardian Newspaper

John Davies, Director of Sales & Marketing for Pervade Software provides useful insights for a Guardian Newspaper feature on how to protect a business from the most common hacks.

In an enlightening article by Sean Hargrave, renowned for his interviews with Lord Alan Sugar and Steve Jobs, John Davies shares his experience of helping organisations to protect themselves from cyber attacks.

Hargrave has produced a series of articles over the last 12 months highlighting the threats of cyber crime and revealing some best practices to bolster defences. The articles, which are a regular feature in the Small Business Network section of the Pulitzer Prize winning national newspaper, have explored areas such as:-

  • * Organised cyber crime
  • * How to protect a supply chain
  • * Spotlight on IT Security Standards
  • * How to rebuild a small business after a cyber attack

“A reasonably priced firewall cannot always protect against the more advanced attacks" quotes John in the article "but there’s only so much any company can do without the resources and know-how of a large IT team”.

Pervade Software's OpView solution provides far greater visibility of cyber threats by being able to collect, correlate and report on all data types, doing the job of 5 or 6 security monitoring products in a single configurable system. This unique capability brings comprehensive visibility and situational awareness into the price range of smaller businesses who cannot otherwise justify the huge price tag normally associated with cyber protection.

The article points out the work done by Pervade Software, as a co-founder of the South Wales Cyber Security Cluster, in helping small and medium businesses to deploy the level protection normally only enjoyed by larger enterprises..