Pervade Software releases Version 2.5.0

Today, at the start of the second year of general availability, version 2.5.0 of the award-winning monitoring & compliance tracking solution was released to the customer base.

The first aspect of this update that users will notice is the increase in the speed of processing. A series of internal caches have been added to the query engine, the charting process and the compliance answer database. These caches more than double the speed of these functions and make a massive difference when there are many users all beavering away on the systems at once.

There are a series of brand new features that have been added in response to customer demand. These include:-

Edit Mode - at the click of a button, the entire user interface now switches into an editable view where all elements can be changed in real time. Tabs, dashboards, charts, graphs and displays can be added, edited and deleted and all these changes are remembered on a per user basis.

Chart Builder - a brand new chart building wizard has been added so that users can use all data gathered into the system to create charts, graphs and tables in a wide range of styles, which will be immediately available for adding to custom dashboards.

Instant Reports - in addition to the customisable reports, a new button has been added that runs the current screen as a printable report so that data can be pulled from the system in seconds for taking into meetings or working incidents across teams.

Forensic Search - last, but by no means least, an incredibly powerful search function for running the most in-depth forensic analysis of any product on the market - one of the best weapons in the cyber security battle.

This new release, which incorporates even more ground-breaking functions that the last, is immediately available to all existing customers (at no cost - Pervade does not charge for updates or new versions) and all new installs will be v.2.5.0 at the same standard price.