Secure Computing Magazine’s Showcase UK Event – SC Congress

Information security professionals flocked to the ILEC Conference Centre to network and sit in on insightful panel discussions featuring prominent industry figures during SC Congress 2015 in London.

Pervade Software were Gold Sponsors for the event and Director of Engineering, Jonathan Davies provided delegates with insights into the threats posed by next generation DoS attacks such as the new variant of "Slow Death" which is invisible to all SIEM systems and incredibly difficult to block.

"New attacks like this, along with some of the more devious APTs, can only be identified by correlating clues from multiple systems and CISOs have to turn to the Availability, Performance and Asset systems which are more commonly the domain of the NOC rather than the SOC" Jonathan explained.

Whilst running demonstrations of the ground-breaking OpView system, Jonathan showed security professionals at the Congress how cross-referencing multiple data types can reveal behaviours and anomalies that are invisible to even the most expensive monitoring systems.

In its second year, SC Congress has generated enough recognition to attract the largest cross section of cyber-security executives in the UK. In just one day, SC Congress London featured a full agenda: keynote addresses, panel sessions, CPE accreditation, countless networking opportunities and meaningful dialogues with representatives of some of the premier brands in information security today.

"We were delighted to be given the opportunity to share our ideas with such a broad spectrum of security specialist" said Jonathan, "We look forward to being invited back next year".