Welsh Government Interview with Pervade Software

Getting a job in Cyber Security in 2015 Beth Roberts Financial & Professional Services Stakeholder Manager at Welsh Government spoke to John Davies, Director of Sales and Marketing at Pervade, about what it takes to be successful in this emerging industry.

The interview questions focussed on what skills are needed to get employed in cyber security, the university system and the talent pool in South Wales.

John did his best to offer genuine advice to budding cyber-security professionals in his answers.

At the same time as highlighting the fact that cyber security is a fast-growing and fast-moving industry and South Wales is emerging as a hub for cyber security expertise in the UK.

John summarised by saying "There are plenty of opportunities in Wales, you’ve just got to be active enough to ensure you’re well placed to take advantage of them".

To read the full interview go to https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/getting-job-cyber-security-2015-beth-roberts.