Specialist services deployed & managed for Police Forces & ROCUs

Find Local Attacks on Local Victims

  • 24x7x365 Monitoring
  • Finding Local Cyber Attackers
  • Forensic Evidence to Act

Work with Cyber Volunteers

  • Collaboration Portal
  • Secure Connections
  • Task Volunteers Securely

Dark Web Intelligence

  • Index Full Content
  • Search Key Words
  • Threat Hunting

Helping Cyber Crime Units to find and fight cyber criminals

A unique award-winning monitoring system

Police Cyber Alarm is built on the Pervade OpView™ Platform which leverages an innovative
new database architecture to provide unique capabilities:-

  • Successfully gather data with no VPN, NAT rules or onsite engineering work
  • Automatically detect and geo-locate the source IP address of attacks (where possible)
  • Forces are alerted if attackers are in their area of jurisdiction
  • Forensic evidence of the attack can be analysed and relied on in court
  • Trend patterns of attacks can be communicated back to data contributors
  • Data analytics can be used to inform national policy and statistics

This solution supports all strands of the UK Police Strategy:-

  • PREPARE – by encouraging organisations to share their data
  • PURSUE – attackers that are identifiable & reachable
  • PROTECT – future victims through better intelligence and more arrests
  • PREVENT – by making local businesses “higher risk” targets

Police Cyber Alarm helps local Police to fight local cyber crime

Protecting local businesses and catching local criminals

A secure collaboration portal for cyber security volunteers

Cyber Response is a web-based portal to encourage cyber experts to help the police to tackle the shocking and increasing rise in cyber crime:-

  • Crime can be cyber dependent and/or cyber enabled
  • Cyber now accounts for more than 50% of all crime
  • There are over 13,000 Special Constables but very few cyber experts
  • Forces are recruiting cyber experts prepared to volunteer their time
  • Secure communication channels between all parties are needed
  • More collaboration will accelerate growth and efficiency of Forces

This solution supports all strands of the UK Police Strategy:-

  • PREPARE – by enhancing links between the police and businesses
  • PURSUE – by increasing police capacity to investigate
  • PROTECT – by tackling more and a greater range of crime
  • PREVENT – by getting real-world advice out to more potential victims

Cyber Response bringing police and cyber experts together

Joining forces with cyber security experts

A unique Spider crawling the Dark Web in search of threats

OpIndex™ is custom-built for searching dark webs where the normal rules of Internet engagement do not apply:-

  • Single point of insertion to any dark net server
  • Scalable recursive searching following links between servers
  • Designed to circumvent anonymisation measures
  • Searching for key words or phrases
  • Full indexing of content on target servers
  • Real-time alerting and auto-reporting

This solution supports all strands of the UK Police Strategy:-

  • PREPARE – for previously unpredictable threats
  • PURSUE – indicators and evidence to help track down threat actors
  • PROTECT – by knowing how to prepare for real threats
  • PREVENT – by sharing information with agencies and businesses

OpIndex™ lights up the dark web with actionable intelligence

Lighting up the Dark Web

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