National Cyber Awards 2022
26th September 2022

The National Cyber Awards are dedicated to acknowledging and celebrating the remarkable efforts of individuals or teams who are devoted to ensuring the safety of people and companies in the face of cyber threats.

Among the exceptional cybersecurity professionals, Pervade Software’s Senior Systems Engineer Jessica Wain was a finalist for The NPCC Cyber Award 2022, alongside Ian Hickling, National Co-ordinator of Police CyberAlarm. They had been working together to facilitate actionable intelligence and provide UK organisations with a free cyber security monitoring tool called Police CyberAlarm, powered by Pervade Software.
This accomplishment holds immense significance as it exemplifies the power of collaboration between the public and private sectors in working towards a shared goal. Pervade are incredibly proud of Jessica for her amazing achievement.

How our solutions are used

Our software solutions can be used as a standalone software product or as the basis for launching your own services. Below are examples of some of the projects which our solutions help to enable.

OpView™ is used to enable this excellent free monitoring and vulnerability scanning service delivered by UK Police Forces.

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OpAudit™ is used to enable to online assessment of applications for the Cyber Essentials Certification throughout the UK.

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