Full visibility of all data types in a single configurable system

An award-winning agentless architecture

Data Collector

Single lightweight stand-alone app

No Agents
One per Network Zone
All devices and sources

Object Persistent

Can handle all data types

Big Data
Lightning Fast
Create Correlation Rules

User Interface

Each user builds their own system

Auto-Report Action Fraud
Infrastructure Blacklisting
Deter dark Web Threats

Most monitoring systems are designed to handle a limited number of data types. One reason for this is that they are typically built on relational databases which seriously limits their ability to handle disparate data formats. This means that in order to monitor all devices and systems, organisations need to buy multiple monitoring systems (Performance, SIEM, Config, etc.).

Buying multiple systems is just the start of the problem however, staff must also learn how to configure, use and support those systems. The use of multiple systems typically involves deploying and managing multiple agents or probes which typically need updating to keep up with device firmware, OS and applications on supported devices. Even if multiple systems have been successfully deployed, correlation between the outputs of those systems must be done manually or through ad-hoc scripts.

Security monitoring is a good example of the problem. The variety of attack vectors and actors has grown beyond the point where enough intelligence can be gathered from log data alone and a SOC needs more than just a SIEM system to provide the situational awareness and the forensic analysis capabilities needed. In order to analyze the cause (log or SIEM) and the effect (availability & performance) and the event specifics (config, asset, flow & file) of a security event, specialists need maximum configurability and this just isn't possible using multiple systems.

The award-winning monitoring solution OpView™ combines a unique new database architecture with a ubiquitous data collector to provide all of the functionality of multiple monitoring products in a single configurable system.

All monitoring systems in a single place

Logs & SIEM

Configuration Auditing

File Integrity

Vulnerability Scanning

Health & Availability

Application Performance

Hierarchy of Security Monitoring

As organisation needs continue to evolve in Network Operations (NOC), Security Operations (SOC) along with Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), there are now more ways to monitor and visualize system data than ever before. With new solutions and approaches arriving in the market every day all claiming to be a silver bullet for an organisation’s security and monitoring needs, prioritization of monitoring and visualization technologies continues to grow more complex. As a result of this increasingly complex landscape, Pervade Software has created the Hierarchy of Monitoring Needs to act as a measure of maturity for organisations to understand current and future needs.

Whilst the below hierarchy offers a benchmark for maturity against monitoring needs, how an organisation achieves each layer is not detailed within this document. It is recommended that a unified system allowing complete correlation of data between all layers along with automated analysis, reporting and alerting, such as the Pervade Software suite of products, is the ideal strategy to achieve complete security monitoring. Unified systems allow for your monitoring to grow with your needs meaning that there are no cracks between systems from different vendors and no reconfiguration is needed for previously achieved layers as you grow.

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How our solutions are used

Our software solutions can be used as a standalone software product or as the basis for launching your own services. Below are examples of some of the projects which our solutions help to enable.

OpView™ is used to enable this excellent free monitoring and vulnerability scanning service delivered by UK Police Forces.

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OpAudit™ is used to enable to online assessment of applications for the Cyber Essentials Certification throughout the UK.

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