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Part of the Internet has been indexed so that content is accessible by members of the general public using web search engines. The Surface Web (or Clear Net) contains at least 60 Billion pages

Part of the Internet contains content that is not indexed so search engines cannot see or retrieve it, such as web mail or databases. The Deep Web could be >500 times bigger than the Surface Web

Parts of the Deep Web are only accessible using specific software or configuration such as F2F, P2P, I2P, Freenet and the Tor Network. The Dark Web (consisting of Dark Nets) is used for anonymity

The most popular of the dark nets is the Tor Network. Tor packets are encapsulated in several layers of encryption, like the layers of an onion, which is where the name comes from - “The Onion Router network”. Each relay removes one layer of encryption which strips away the source address and reveals the next destination address but not the final destination which effectively anonymizes the packet.

The innovative software solution OpIndex™ allows full searching of dark webs for any data type that you need to give you full peace of mind that you know what is out there.

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How our solutions are used

Our software solutions can be used as a standalone software product or as the basis for launching your own services. Below are examples of some of the projects which our solutions help to enable.

OpView™ is used to enable this excellent free monitoring and vulnerability scanning service delivered by UK Police Forces.

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OpAudit™ is used to enable to online assessment of applications for the Cyber Essentials Certification throughout the UK.

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