Chris Heaton-Harris Visit
14th July 2023

On the 14th July, the Pervade Team hosted a visit by Daventry MP and Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, The Rt Hon Chris Heaton-Harris, at their Daventry office in the Icon Innovation Centre.

This opportunity allowed the team to showcase their innovative work and demonstrate how they contribute to the protection of UK-based organisations against the ever-expanding and intricate cyber threat landscape.

During the visit, CTO Jonathan Davies discussed Pervade’s involvement in supporting the UK’s Cyber Essentials scheme in partnership with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and The IASME Consortium. The Cyber Essentials scheme enhances the cyber security resilience of businesses and organisations across the UK, by providing guidelines to assist companies in implementing fundamental security measures to protect against common cyber threats.

The briefing next highlighted Pervade’s participation in the Police CyberAlarm scheme in partnership with the National Police Chief's Council (NPCC). This scheme is designed to facilitate cooperation between UK Police and member organisations in their area regarding the automated reporting of attacks from their Internet on their organisations. By working on Police CyberAlarm, Pervade is supporting the efforts to detect and prevent cyber attacks promptly, helping to reduce the threats of cyber crime across thousands of organisations across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The visit offered insights into the world of cyber security and solutions being developed right within The Rt Hon Chris Heaton Harris’ constituency. Understanding the advancements being made by innovators like Pervade Software is important to policy makers. It allows them to shape effective cyber security policies and regulations, providing a safer digital environment for individuals and organisations alike.

How our solutions are used

Our software solutions can be used as a standalone software product or as the basis for launching your own services. Below are examples of some of the projects which our solutions help to enable.

OpView™ is used to enable this excellent free monitoring and vulnerability scanning service delivered by UK Police Forces.

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OpAudit™ is used to enable to online assessment of applications for the Cyber Essentials Certification throughout the UK.

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